Patient Self-Injection

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Traditionally, healthcare has been delivered in hospitals and physicians’ offices, which a recent report described as the “First” and “Second Places” of healthcare. Healthcare is now converging towards the “Third Place,” whereby biologics and other injectable drugs become so safe, intuitive, convenient and portable that it becomes possible to live in a ‘healthcare-everywhere world”. Within ten years, it is expected that around half of all healthcare will be administered outside of healthcare facilities, and even outside of the home. Therapies for many chronic diseases are expected to empower patients to self-administer an injectable drug at work, a restaurant or even at the gym to minimize disruption to normal life. To support this goal, pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers are increasingly working together to develop injectable therapies that facilitate the delivery of the right drug at the right dose to the right patient at the right time.

Helping to improve clinical adherence to a patient’s therapy regimen by improving the safety and simplicity of drug delivery can not only improve quality of life, but reduce healthcare costs and deliver all-round benefits for patients, payors and prescribers. Devices with a patient-centric design and intuitive steps of use can also help to optimize therapy compliance rates and improve the efficiency of interactions between the patient and their doctor. Such device-led advantages may be leveraged by a pharmaceutical company to market their brand of therapy as being safer, easier to administer and more efficacious in improving clinical practice, to drive user preference for their product to be prescribed over competitors to drive market share.

Unilife has a full range of patient-centric, intuitive to use products that are ideal for patient self-injection including prefilled syringes, disposable and reusable auto-injectors and wearable injectors. Human factor studies and user evaluations continue to highlight the preference of target patient populations to Unilife products for criteria including safety, ease-of-use and convenience.