Pre-filled. Pre-assembled
Give your drug the device it deserves. This highly customizable platform can control the duration, rate and volume of dose delivery to address the specific needs of complex biologics.    
Because Life Shouldn't Stop
for Drug Delivery.
Our Precision-Therapy™ and Flex-Therapy™ wearable injectors can be optimized to control the duration, rate and volume of dose delivery. A safe, ergonomic and intuitive design provides a clear, comfortable and confident user experience during all stages of use.
Bolus, Constant or Variable
Each product can be perfectly balanced to deliver the right dose at the right rate to the right patient over the right period of time.
Easy to Use with Minimal Steps
An elegant design and minimal user steps provide an intuitive, confident and comfortable patient experience.
Clear View and Feedback
A large window provides a clear view to the medication. Visual and audible indicators convey status at all times.
Multiple Safety Features
An on-body safety lock prevents unintended activation with a Flexwear comfort cannula for patient comfort.
No Terminal Sterilization
Seamless integration with standard filling processes methods and materials with no terminal sterilization required.
Fully Customizable
Multiple options including dose volume, drug viscosity, delivery duration, delivery rate, user interface and external design.
These products have not been evaluated by the FDA