No Filling. No Assembly.
Life Uninterrupted.
Deliver the therapeutic benefits of a pump, with the simplicity and cost of a pen.
Smart. Simple. Empowering.
Prefilled with insulin and supplied ready for compact, convenient and intuitive multi-day wear,
Imperium™ empowers patients to gain control over their blood glucose levels.
Minimal Steps to Therapy
Supplied ready for use in a fully integrated system that is prefilled with insulin.
Just peel, stick and click.
Simple User Interface
A preset basal rate with on-demand bolus through a simple push of the button.
No handheld controller required.
Discreet, Extended Wear
Highly compact in size for comfortable,
discreet multi-day wear and convenient
needle-free disposal.
Smart-Enabled Connectivity
Wireless connectivity provides integration with smartphone apps to enable patient
reminders and status updates.
Concentrated Insulins
A pre-filled, high-precision device capable of delivering concentrated insulins
up to U-500.
Standard Fill and Materials
Uses standard materials and integrates
into established pharmaceutical filling
processes and equipment.
This product has not been evaluated by the FDA.