The Ultimate
Prefilled Syringe..
Unifill® is the world’s first and only fully integrated pre-filled primary container, drug delivery device, and sharps containment system.
Essential Benefits Over the Competition
A unique combination of automatic, controlled retraction, intuitive steps and an elegant design makes Unifill strongly accepted and preferred to help generate powerful brand differentiation for your prefilled biologics, drugs and vaccines.
Differentiate Your Therapy
Sleek, elegant and attractive during all stages of use to generate strong visual brand differentiation for your therapy.
Strong User Preference
User studies confirm its ease of use with strong acceptance and preference by patients and healthcare providers*.
Automatic Needle Retraction
Audible, tactile indicators signal full dose delivery and the automatic activation of an integrated needle retraction mechanism.
User-Controlled Withdrawal
Automatic, user-controlled retraction directly from injection site avoids exposure to a contaminated needle.
Convenient Disposal
Automatic reuse prevention features eliminate device reuse or needle re-exposure for compact, convenient disposal.
Standard Processes
USP-compliant materials and standard packaging and filling processes avoids the use of bulky add-on safety products.
This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. * Please contact us for more information regarding user and human factor studies.