The Next Big Thing.
Optimize the injection rate profile of biologics between 0.5 to 2mL in dose volume to drive user preference and generate strong brand differentiation.
Empower Under-Served
Patient Populations
Overcome the conventional hand-held device limitations with this compact, convenient and comfortable wearable system that is pre-filled and pre-configured for use with your therapy.
Three Steps to Therapy
A fully integrated system supplied ready to inject your therapy to save time, reduce complexity and generate value.
Discreet Portability
Small in size and discreet in nature for convenient portability and confidence during all stages of use.
Optimized Injection Profiles
Precise bolus or variable rate profiles pre-set for immediate or delayed injection over seconds, minutes, hours or days.
Patient-Centric Design
Human-factors inspired design with a large window, onbody safety lock, low-force button activation and needle-free disposal.
Standard Fill and Materials
Uses standard materials and integrates into established pharmaceutical filling processes and equipment.
Fully Customizable
A scalable, commercial-ready platform for efficient customization to your specific drug, patient and brand requirements.
This product has not been evaluated by the FDA